Our Story

In 2001, Artistic Director John Castagna founded The Ballet Collective as a ballet company that would appeal to a broader than usual spectrum of the public.  Castanga researched the stories of traditional ballets and plays and recruited  talented, classically-trained dancers. With an unusual whimsy and sense of humor informed by his background in the fine arts and modern dance, Castangna choregraphed these traditional stories afresh for the ensemble.  The Ballet Collective also welcomed into its repertory choreographic works by local ballet luminaries, such as Stefan Wenta, and young choreographers, some of whom also dance with company.  Today the Ballet Collective continues to delight an audience diverse in age, knowledge of the arts, culture and geogrpahy. The company also continues to expand both its repertory and commitment to developing young choreographers and dancers in Los Angeles.

Recent Works by Choregrapher John Castagna on an updated website.

907 NORTH EDGEMENT STREET, LOS ANGELES, CA  90029  (323) 661-6440

The Ballet Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.